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With the right camping gear, an outdoor adventure is much more fun. You are well equipped for little money.

On this website everyone has the opportunity to rent out their private camping equipment to other private individuals. This website enables all camping friends to rent cheap camping equipment for an individual period of time.

Do you only need the camping equipment for a weekend? Why buy expensive gear and not rent cheaply here for a few days?

On the other hand, this website enables private people who have unused camping gear in their garage or basement to earn money with unused camping equipment and help other people with fair rental prices.

A win-win situation for both sides!

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Electronic devices are also important when camping

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Everything for the tour on the water

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A restful night is essential when camping

Equipment Bundles

Simply rent a complete bundle of equipment is a Community Driven Platform for Peer-to-Peer Outdoor Gear and Equipment Rentals

Camping is a lot of fun, but unfortunately the camping equipment you need can be very expensive. There are lots of useful and important camping equipment out there, and if you have to buy all of this and don’t already have it, it can get very expensive.

Why don’t you just rent the camping equipment that you need?

On this platform we bring people together who have camping gear but don’t need it at the moment, and people who need camping gear but don’t want to buy it. With us, private individuals can lend and rent out camping equipment very easily and without complications.

This platform offers the possibility to rent and rent out camping gear in an uncomplicated way, all peer to peer.

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Why Become a Vendor on

Do you have unused camping equipment in your basement or garage? Why don’t you share it with others and even earn money through it?

On our platform you can create an account in just a few simple steps and then immediately list your camping equipment for free. You determine the prices yourself, of course! You can also set the security-deposit that the potential tenant has to pay, so you are always on the safe side!

You can list as many camping items on this platform as you want, so you can set up your own rental business.

Why should you rent your camping equipment at

Camping equipment can be very expensive. You need a lot of different equipment for a big camping trip (or even a weekend adventure). If you only go camping a few days a year, it is not worth buying caming equipment. On our camping-platform you have the possibility to rent your dream camping equipment very easily at low prices. Simply register on this platform and search through the categories for the right equipment for your next camping adventure.

Would you like to offer your camping equipment for rent here, but don’t know how it works?

For this we have written special instructions that show you exactly what you have to do to create an account on this platform and and create your first camping rental product.

In these instructions we explain exactly how to proceed step by step.

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Renters FAQ

When you have found the right camping equipment, you simply pay for it via this platform and the rentee will be informed of a successful rental. Then the vendor will send the rented camping equipment to you in a package.

After the rental period has expired, you pack the rented camping equipment again and send it back to the lessor by parcel. You have to pay the shipping costs.

Each lessor on this platform can determine the prices himself. You can of course search the platform or category for the right offer and the best price.

Each camping gear rental company can determine the amount of the security fee themselves. If you break or lose the rented camping equipment, the landlord can withhold the security deposit.

You can see the experiences of other tenants via our internal rating system. If a rental company has a very good rating, you can be sure that your rented camping equipment will be well received.

Vendors FAQ

You can decide for yourself how much you want to rent for your camping equipment every day. But you can look around in the categories and find an indication of how much other people with similar camping equipment are charging. But remember, if you ask less money per day, the higher the chances of a successful rental.

In this case, you can determine a security deposit yourself, which the renter has to pay when booking your camping equipment. If the tenant does not send your camping equipment back or your camping equipment comes back broken, you will receive compensation from the security deposit that the tenant made.

We charge a 10% service fee that you have to pay when the rental is successful. These fees are automatically deducted from your winnings. We will automatically transfer your rental income minus the service fees.

We pay the rent you have earned directly to your bank account. We have a withdrawal minimum of $ 50. You can trigger the payment at any time in your account.

If the tenant has been active on this platform for a long time, he will have probably already received a few reviews. We check every tenant on this platform before they are activated. This includes a driver’s license verification, email verification, and social media verification.

No, we inform every user that he is responsible for the correct operation and the orderly and sparing use of the camping equipment. However, you are free to include operating instructions in your package so that the tenant understands directly how to use the respective camping equipment.

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What makes the best camping equipment renting platform?

On this platform everyone can create their own rental-shop for free and in only just a few simple steps. Simply register, complete your profile, and in just a few minutes you can offer your first camping products for rent.

People can rent camping equipment cheaply from other private individuals at low prices. offers many different payment options that the renter can use to pay the lessor.

On you can easily communicate internally with the lessor using the built-in chat function and discuss all the details and the renting conditions.

Security for the lessor and the rentee – the lessor can set an individual security deposit, which is automatically paid back to the rentee after the rented camping gear has been returned.

Quick and easy payout of earnings to your bank account or PayPal account.

Low platform fees of only 5%. Competing platforms usually charge between 10-20%!

Great support – if you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our support team.

What are you waiting for?

Register your free account today and take full advantage of this platform! Earn money with unused camping equipment or rent camping equipment at low prices from private individuals.