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Who We Are

Welcome to our website. Here we would like to present our team and our idea in detail. We are a motivated team of people who love camping. During our camping tours we always have the problem that important camping equipment is sometimes missing. We always had to buy expensive camping equipment, even if we only need it once or twice a year.

We had the idea that it would make sense to rent camping equipment, but searching the internet we didn't find any really good offers. There are a few large manufacturers who rent out camping equipment, but these companies can set the prices themselves (actualy they are very expensive) and usually have a rather small selection of rental camping equipment.

Then we had the idea that we have to build a platform that allows EVERYONE to rent out their unused camping equipment and to be able to determine the prices themselves. Due to the flexible pricing, there is of course a fair price level for the rental items, where the tenants of the camping gear make extreme profits.

We have set ourselves the goal of making this camping gear rental platform as user-friendly as possible. Everyone should have the opportunity to open their own camping gear rental store and offer their unused camping equipment for rent there.

Thanks to a built-in rating system, everyone can quickly see the quality of the camping equipment on offer. The landlord and the tenant can also be rated. This builds a high level of trust.

Even tenants can find the perfect camping gear in just 60 seconds and book it very easily. Payment and communication can also be processed very easily via our platform.

We wish you a lot of fun on our platform!

A Few Words About

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic campers. We know exactly what our users are looking for and are constantly trying to improve our platform and add new functions.

Harvey Spector

Founder - CEO

Jessica Pearson


Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

How do we finance our platform?

Of course, it is not exactly cheap to operate such a platform! We need a lot of employees to take care of this platform, we have our own developers who constantly improve the platform and also eliminate errors, and we also have a large support team that can help you quickly with any questions or problems.

For this reason, in order to finance this camping equipment rental platform, we are forced to take a small rental fee of 10%. This enables us to keep the business going and offer you a great experience.

Would you like to participate in the success of Gear-Rental.com?

We do not currently offer traditional company shares. But you can still participate in our success!
Since we are a modern internet-based company, we have decided to offer our company shares in tokens (cryprocurrency).

Once a month we carry out a so-called token rebuy. With this rebuy we will put 30% of our profits into the rebuy of our own token.

Due to the great interest in our token by private individuals and the monthly rebuy, the value of the token will steadily increase and so will the value of our company.

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The Location

We are currently focusing our camping equipment market on the USA and Canada.

Best Quality

On our rental platform you will only find high quality rental products. Our internal rating system quickly exposes bad providers.

Best Offers

Thanks to the free pricing, you will always find fair prices on our platform. If a price seems too high, then simply rent from the next provider on our platform.

Secure Payments

All payments may only be processed on our platform. This is how we can prevent fraud. We guarantee a safe and fast payment.