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To make it even easier for you to rent your camping equipment online, we have now created an app for iOS and Android devices.

You can download the app from the official app stores. The apps are linked live to the website’s database. So you have the possibility to log in to the apps with the access data you created on the website.

The equipment databases are also updated live on all platforms. So you can access the same inventory on all platforms.

You can also offer your unused camping gear for rent from your smartphone.

Our camping gear rental app is available for iOS and Android.

Available Soon

Rent your camping equipment easily via our App

Do you need camping equipment but don’t want to buy it because you only go camping a few times a year? Then simply rent your camping equipment from private individuals on our camping gear platform. Here you will find many private providers who offer their personal camping equipment for rent. So you can put together your favorite camping equipment and rent it at reasonable prices.

Rent out unused camping equipment easily from your smartphone

If you still have unused camping equipment lying around at home, then simply rent out this camping equipment to other people and earn money. Simply register with us and create your account. Add a good description, take some good pictures and set the price yourself. On our platform you can determine prices for a day rental or discount prices for a longer rental period.

Easy and quick withdraw of your earnings. Manage everything from your own backend. Communicate with the interested parties via the internal message function.