Do you have any questions about renting your camping equipment or do you need more information on how you can rent camping equipment?

On this page we answer the most frequently asked questions from our users. We receive many questions about our platform every day, we have put together the most frequently asked questions here and would like to answer them in detail here.

But if you have any further questions, you can of course contact our support at any time. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Camping Gear Rental FAQ

  • Can everyone rent out their camping equipment here?

    Yes! Everyone can register with us for free and offer their unused camping equipment for rent. Please create an account and then you can register as a vendor and set up your own "shop".

  • Do I need an account to rent camping equipment?

    Yes, before you can rent camping equipment you have to create an account. Please fill out your account completely. So the lessor can see your profile and who you are. The lessor whats to see you you are and where he rents out his camping equipment.

  • What happens if the renter does not return the item or the item has been damaged?

    It can always happen that the camping equipment is damaged or that it is lost during shipping. For this reason, the lessor can set a "security deposit". This security fee has to be paid to the platform, not to the lesser, when renting the camping equipment. This security fee is used to compensate for any damage or loss. If the rented camping equipment is returned in perfect condition or is given back, the security deposit will of course be paid back to the renter immediately. The security deposit will not leave the platform.

  • How can I protect myself from fraud?

    We recommend that our users document everything thoroughly, both to the lessor and to the tenant who would like to rent the camping equipment.
    The lessor should take photos before shipping the camping gear or handing over the camping equipment. Preferably with a date (newspaper, etc...). Any signs of use or damage should be documented and these should also be communicated to the renter prior to shipment.
    When the renter receives the camping equipment, the renter should also take detailed photos of the camping equipment received in order to document any damage.
    The lessor should also take and upload many detailed photos when listing the camping gear on this platform, as well as a detailed description with details of any damage or signs of use.

  • How high are the platform fees?

    We charge a 5% fee on all transactions. These fees are used to further expand and continuously improve our platform.
    The fees are automatically deducted from the lessor's income. If the lessor generates monthly income of, for example, 1000 dollars, 5% is automatically retained, i.e. 50 dollars as in the example of 1000 dollars.

  • Who has to pay for the shipping of the rented camping equipment?

    The shipping costs must always be borne by the person who is in possession of the camping equipment. The lessor can also specify a flat rate shipping cost in his listing, which is then added to the rental price and must be paid by the lessee.

  • Are there instructions on how to create an account and offer camping gear for rent?

    Of course! On this page you will find a detailed description of how to create your account and how to offer your first camping product for rent.

  • How is the rental income paid out?

    At any time, you have the option to withdraw your earnings to your bank account or your PayPal account from your personal backend. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50. Transfer to your bank account or PayPal account usually takes about 1-3 days.

  • Can I personally pick up the rented camping equipment from the vendor?

    Of course, you can discuss this with the lessor, using the internal chat function, before buying / renting the equipment. This makes sense especially with larger equipment such as a roof top tent or a larger ground tent. But make sure to discuss this with the vendor before renting. And make sure that you live in the same staate or in the same city if possible.

  • What are the rental prices?

    Each lessor determines the rental price of the individual camping equipment himself. The lessor is not bound by any price stipulations by the platform and can thus determine the prices for the rental, the shipping and the security deposit himself.

  • Do you have any further questions for us? Then just use our contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible!