Do you have unused camping equipment in your garage or basement? Why don’t you just offer this camping equipment for rent on our platform?

If you offer your unused camping gear for rent, it has advantages for both sites. Many people want to go camping, but they shy away from the high prices of the equipment. New camping gear can be very expensive. (A new tent can easily cost over $ 200, so why not rent this tent for $ 10 a day)

Renting camping equipment, on the other hand, enables people with less budget to have a great camping trip. Potential tenants can get their camping equipment on this platform for a fraction of the purchase price.

Of course, the rentee also benefits from renting out the unused camping gear. If the camping gear sits currently unused in the garage, you can simply offer it for rent on this platform and earn money with it.

You determine the rental prices yourself. For example, you can set a fixed daily price or set discount prices for a longer rental period.

You can also set a security fee that gives you the security that if something breaks or disappears, so you can withhold the security deposit and use it to repair or replace your defective or lost camping equipment.

Now we would like to give you step-by-step instructions and explain how to create your account with us and bring your first camping product online.

Step 1 – Create an account

First please click on “ACCOUNT” at the top of the page.

Then click on “Register” and enter your email address. Then click on “Register”. You will now be directed to your personal dashboard.

If you want to rent camping gear, all you have to do is fill in your personal data. But if you want to rent out camping gear, you have to click on “Become a Vendor” now.

step 1

Step 2 – Create a Vendor account

After you have clicked on “Become a Vendor”, you will be redirected to the “Vendor Registration Page”. There please click on “Verification Code”, then a verification code will be sent to you by email. (If you do not receive this code, please also check your spam folder. If you still have not received the code, you can also request a new verification code with the “RE-SEND CODE” button.)

Please enter this verification code in the field.

Then you have to enter all the necessary information about yourself and your new store.

After you have done that, please click on “CONFIRM” and you will be taken to the next step.

Step 3 – Complete your profile

You will now be directed to a “setup wizard” that will help you set up your vendor profile in the best possible way.

Please click here on “Let’s Go” to start the set up wizard.

You will now be guided through the set-up process in individual steps.

Here you can, for example, update or correct your data, add your own shop logo, or link your social accounts.

You can also store your bank details so that we can quickly and easily transfer your income from renting out your camping equipment.

You can also enter your own rental policies under the “Policies” tab. But you can also use our standard rental policies.

After you have entered all the information, you can click on “Let’s Go To The Dashboard” and you will be directed to your personal dashboard.

Step 4 – Your personal dashboard

In your personal dashboard you will find an overview of your current income from renting your camping equipment.

You will also find many different options on the left with which you can personalize and complete your profile and your personal camping rental shop.

Under the “Payments” tab, you have the option of having your income from renting out your camping equipment transferred to your bank account.

Of course, you can also change or complete all previously set details here.

Step 5 – Create your first rental product

To create your first camping gear rental product, please click on the “Products” tab and then on “Add New”.

Now please fill in all fields. Please make sure that you describe the camping item that you would like to rent out in as much detail as possible. Also add as many detailed pictures of the camping item as possible.

With a detailed description and lots of meaningful pictures, you have a greater chance of a quick and regular rental.

Do you have any further questions that we could not answer here?

Of course, you can also contact our service team at any time. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Click here to contact our service team