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Camping Gear Owners earn up to $12,000 a year and pay up to 85% less in fees with

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You have the option to set an individual security deposit for your camping equipment. So you are protected at all times.

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You can post as many articles as you want. You can also rent out entire camping bundles.

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List availability and set your own rates. Speak with renters to discuss pick-up or delivery location and rental details.

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Once a booking is underway, you get paid. Build out your schedule and earn great ratings from renters.

Camping Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

On our platform you have the option of renting camping equipment from private individuals or renting out your unused camping equipment and thus earning money. On our rental platform for camping gear you will find many different categories, just select the camping equipment you need and book it for the time you need. When the rental period is over, simply send the camping equipment back to the lessor.


Reputation System

Have profiles for renter and lender. Each can leave a review after a transaction has occurred. By having the renter create a profile as well, if they damage or steal something from a lender, the lender can write that on the renter’s profile to warn future lenders of this person.

The rentee can also set an individual security deposit, which the tenant gets back after the return has been successful. Additionally, with enough bad reviews, the renter would be banned from using the service. This goes the same for lenders. If they make fraudulent claims against the renter, the renter can write that on the lender’s profile, warning future renters.

Just like with the renters, enough bad reviews would lead to the banning of that person from the service. What this would do is hopefully weed out all of the bad eggs from the site, creating a trustworthy rental community.

Gear for the Trip

Gear has everything renters need for a perfect trip. The perfect platform for all camping fans in the United States and Canada.

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Rental rates are completely up to the owner—it’s your business, and you decide. You can raise or lower rates depending on factors like holidays, weather, seasons, or demand.

As you decide your rate, remember a 10% commission fee is collected from the total of the daily rate, delivery and add-ons. 

You can determine the amount of the security deposit yourself. The renter has to pay the rental fee plus the security deposit. After the tenant has returned the camping gear and you have confirmed receipt, the tenant will receive the security deposit again.

At the end of the day, we want owners to feel comfortable with whoever rents their camping equipment. That's why owners have the final word on all rental agreements, including who rents your camping gear. We encourage communication between the renter and owner during the reservation process to make sure rental expectations are clear before it's time to hand over the gear. 

You can offer your camping equipment for rent on our platform for free. Regardless of whether you offer one or a hundred camping items for rent. If the rental is successful, there are only 10% platform fees, these are automatically deducted from your income.

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